• Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"
  • Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"

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Self-Love Journal: "Hello Lovely"

$ 38.00


Do you cringe when you look in the mirror or dread shopping for clothes?

Find it hard to fit in while just being yourself?

Good at taking care of everyone else first?

Are you your own worst critic?

Sister, you need to cultivate some self-love. When your mind is filled with snarky, self-critical thoughts like those, everything feels extra-tiring, and life becomes a lot harder than it needs to be.

If you want to boot negative thoughts out of your brain, and figure out how to be nicer to yourself every single day, this workbook is for you. It’s like your own personal life coach—in book format.

Feel more confident, worthy and beautiful using the "Hello Lovely" journal. It only takes 15 minutes a day.

Hello Lovely was written for women and girls who struggle to feel good enough in a social media world that portrays unrealistic perfection. It's for the girl inside all of us who worries about fitting in and being liked. It's a call to love ourselves unconditionally.


This 90-day system includes:

  • 30 inspiring daily lessons and exercises that you can practice 3x each, building greater confidence and mastery with each repetition.
  • Monthly intention setting.
  • Space to write your intention for the day.
  • Space to write your daily gratitude and reflection
  • Extra blank pages in the back of the book for your notes.
  • Summary of core lessons.


Hello Lovely brings together Tanya’s most effective tools for creating happiness, confidence and self-love in your life. The lessons are based on a decade of research, testing and working with real women just like you.

Elegantly simple and incredibly effective, this baby was made for your busy life.

Why 90 days?

Because we believe it takes 90 days, minimum, to make these positive habits your new normal.

Why gratitude?

Research shows that this is the single most important thing to do if you want to be happy and we’ll help you cultivate that on the daily.

    Product Specs:

    • 8.5 x 5.5 inches
    • 116 pages
    • Luxuriously thick, 80lb., woodfree fsc paper
    • Elastic closure
    • Gold, sturdy wire-o binding
    • Hard cover with soft-touch coating and gold foil details
    • Sturdy mylar tabs
    • Imported


    Give yourself a break and grab a copy of Hello Lovely. You deserve it!



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