Our mission is simple:

To help you feel less stress and more joy.   


Our Products.

The Happy Grace product line includes workbooks for soulful living, moisturizing lip balms and a small collection of books and video classes.

Our products are designed for your busy life. Easy step-by-step prompts that take just minutes a day. No guesswork, no overwhelm, just results.

Everything we sell is tested, vetted, and undeniably excellent. From the organic beeswax in our lip balms, to the buttery soft coating on our workbook covers, we make sure every detail is delightful.

We’d love to bring a little extra breathing room, inspiration, and beauty into your day.  





Our Customers.

To all the busy working ladies, the yogis in the suburbs, the carpoolers and errand runners, and the managers, VPs, and CEOs who struggle to juggle it all: we see you.

You love yoga, but you don’t roll out your mat as often as you'd like.

You want to de-stress, but meditating for an hour a day isn’t realistic.

You try to shop organic, and sometimes it happens, but sometimes it doesn’t.

You want a luxurious lifestyle, but you don’t have a ton of leisure time. You’re always on the look-out for quick boosts and simple upgrades that take your quality of life from “coach” to “first class.”

You want to feel confident, comfortable in your skin, passionate, alive, and happy—because happy is beautiful.

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Our Founder.

Happy Grace is the brainchild of our founder, Tanya Wheeless, a travel junkie, type-A, Americano sipping, go-getter who learned the hard way that stress and self-doubt will sabotage your life.

Despite all the trappings of success, CEO title, handsome husband, bouncing baby and a beautiful home, she was overwhelmed and needed a solution.

She spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with therapy, self-help, books, meditation and journaling to find an answer. It was messy, muddled and hard, but eventually she started to get her mojo back.

Things were still crazy busy, but she handled stress with more grace. She slept better, made healthier choices around food and fitness and didn’t snap at her peeps (as much). It felt good. It felt like freedom.

She parlayed her professional experience and new-found wisdom into a SVP position with the Phoenix Suns, eventually leaving to start her own company providing strategic and life design support to executives.

Turns out, many of the people she worked with (women and men) reminded her a lot of her old self - stressed out, uninspired and overwhelmed. Tanya saw a need for a simple, efficient way for busy people to nurture their souls and manage stress. With that, Happy Grace was born.

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Our Home Base.

Happy Grace is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.
All of our products can be purchased in our online shop
We ship everywhere in the USA—and we hope to offer international shipping soon, too.



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