In a world of chaos and anxiety, happiness doesn’t always come easy for women.

We spend gobs of money on haircare and beauty products, but there hasn't been an easy, practical way for us to nourish our souls.



That’s what Happy Grace is all about. In just 15 minutes a day, our self-care workbooks make it simple for busy ladies to find more happiness and fulfillment in their life.

Each product is infused with our proprietary GLOW Method™, that helps you make micro shifts in your mindset and create a new positive way of thinking. By the end of 90 days, our ladies feel more balanced, calm and carefree than they have in years.  

Practicing gratitude, intention and reflection have been proven to transform the lives of women around the country. Now with our easy-to-follow workbooks, you can finally focus on what makes you happy and gain a newfound sense of joy in your life. Using The GLOW Method™ you will learn all about Gratitude, Letting go, Owning your desires, doing everything With love not fear.

Self-care no longer has to feel like a confusing mystery. When you following a proven coaching method and take small steps everyday, you will experience a transformation in the way you see and respond to things.

Think of it as a way to have everything you need to feel happier than you've ever been.




As a former practicing attorney, CEO, and senior executive in the NBA, Tanya battled her own stress demons for years.

Even though she was doing a pretty good job of keeping all the balls in the air, underneath she was overwhelmed, anxious and on edge.

    So she made some pretty drastic changes to find the road to true bliss. Her journey lasted several years and cost thousands of dollars.

    After discovering the secrets to happiness, she developed a coaching method she's been using with high-paying clients around the country to transform their busy lives for the better.

    The GLOW Method™ is the foundation for all Happy Grace products as a way to offer affordable, high value self-care options to women who want to feel balanced, calm and happy every single day.

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