You Deserve a Real Holiday Season

Fall, glorious fall! I love everything about the fall, especially that it means that the Arizona summer is over. Holla!

It also means that the “holidays” are coming. I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about this later, but no time like the present to start managing our energy.

I looked up the definition of “holiday” and here’s the first one that appeared: “a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.” Ha! I’m still laughing. No work is done?!

Let’s keep it real cuz we’re all friends here: the holidays are the BUSIEST time of the year. That turkey ain’t going to cook itself. There aren’t elves wrapping those presents.

So, before the crazy starts let’s make a pact.

Let’s all agree that we deserve a rest too.

Let’s all acknowledge that these are our holidays (days without work) too.

Let’s make a deal that we will do as much holiday prep as is joyful, but no more!

Hire some elves. Order your pies. Let the kids decorate kid-style (they’ll love it). Make the meal a pot luck. Stop for a peppermint hot chocolate while you shop. Schedule a massage for December NOW. Gather the gals, drink wine, watch Love Actually, and wrap together. OD on the Hallmark Channel. Keep cider on the stove.

Do whatever it takes for your holiday season to feel festive and fun. Set the intention now and let that energy flow the entire holiday season.


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