The "G" in our secret sauce is...

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Ready to dive into the secret behind Happy Grace? Let’s take it from the top. The G in the GLOW Method stands for, you guessed it, Gratitude.

You’ll find in the self-development world, people will often tell you, "you should have a gratitude practice." Just pay one visit to the app store and you’ll find at least 100 that promise to help you “cultivate gratitude.”

I wanted to dive deeper than the trendy form of the word and really explore what gratitude meant to me. This ended up being one of the most impactful parts of my journey, and here’s why:

As humans, we have what researchers call a "negativity bias." For the most part, we can easily see what is wrong in a situation. Oftentimes when someone close to you asks how your day went, what jumps out of you are the things that didn’t go according to plan.

It's not because you're bad, or I'm bad, or we're bad people. It really goes back to evolution and survival. We want to remember the things that almost killed us so we didn’t do them again, right?

There's good reason for this, but it's not particularly helpful when you're trying to live happily. So, that’s where gratitude steps in and allows us to switch our focus onto what is working in our life.

Maybe this reflection will be through prayer, talking with your partner, or diving into your workbook for soulful living.

However it is that you engage in that process, you are redirecting your brain to think about what went right today, what made you happy, what was a pleasant surprise, what was way better than you thought it was going to be. It changes your focus.

The reason changing our focus is so important is because in life, we get what we look for. If we can shift what it is we're focusing on to the good stuff and we can shift what we're focusing on to what works for us, we will find more things in life to be grateful for in return.

Once we begin seeking positivity day-in and day-out, it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gratitude helps us shift our thoughts; shift what we notice, so that we can get different results in our life.

Now, here is another interesting fact I discovered while researching - while a gratitude practice is important and helpful, if it becomes stagnant and something that we just do the same every day, we will become lazy over time. We need to challenge ourselves to think about gratitude in a different way.

Which is why the Happy Grace workbook prompts rotate. You are never going to have the same gratitude prompt two days in a row because I want you to think about it just slightly different. I want you to challenge your mind to go a little deeper than, "I'm grateful for my health, my kids and my job."

Those are great things to be grateful for, but the deeper you go, the deeper the transformation in your outlook becomes.

And so, that is why gratitude is such a key component of the GLOW method and the workbook. Because it is that powerful. That is the G in GLOW.

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