The "O" in GLOW

We identified G and “Gratitude”. We have worked through L with “Let It Go”.  Let's move onto "O" which stands for "Own it."

The first piece of owning it that I want to hit home on is #1: Claim what you want. Own it. Now, the tricky part is I'll be sitting there thinking, “I don’t know what I want. I'm 45 years old and I have woken up in this life and I don’t even remember what I like because I'm so used to just working and caring and doing all of these other things.”

Take a deep breath and relax because, if you are in that group of "I don’t even know what I like," there's a huge opportunity. This is exciting. Let's find out what you like. A lot of the lessons in my workbooks help us discover what we like. They're going to ask you to get introspective. As you're working through your gratitude prompts, you are going to notice what fires you up. You might even find in your evening reflection, there are things coming up that you're like, "Holy cow! Where did that come from? It came out of left field" Those might be clues to what you truly want out of life.

Once you figure that out, or if you know it now, start owning it.

I want to spread the message of Happy Grace far and wide, and about eight months ago, I decided that you know what? TV would be a great way to do that, which sounds ridiculous because I don’t have a broadcast background. I'm not particularly interesting. I've never been on TV, and I live in Tempe, Arizona. It sounds ridiculous but I claimed it. I kind of just started to talk about it. Then I started thinking about it. Then I started researching a little.

No joke, I am going to LA tomorrow to have a meeting with an agent who's interested in my idea. That never, ever, would have happened if I just kept it to myself and hoped and wished. If you think about your life and what you want and how you want to live it, own that, claim that, talk to people about it, share.

The other thing that we can own is the role that we're playing in our life, good or bad. This goes back a little bit to the letting go piece which is, if we find ourselves in the same negative situation over and over and over, at some point, we have to do a little soul searching and say, "Okay. If this keeps happening to me with different people, what's the common denominator? And so, what role am I playing in allowing that to happen?"

This isn’t about fault. It's not saying it's your fault or you're deficient. It may just mean you don’t have really strong boundaries and people who are predatory can pick up on that. This idea of just claiming your role, if you find that you're never getting ahead, never getting the thing you want, and just take a step back and say, "Okay. What is it that I'm doing or not doing that's keeping me stuck in this same spot year after year?"

This is not a judgment that you make against yourself. This isn’t about berating yourself. It is about noticing and acknowledging.

Once we acknowledge the role that we are playing in our own life, we're then in a position to claim, to own, that we want something different and to take action to do that. Because who are we the boss of? We are the boss of ourselves. And so, we can take action to create the life we want. That's really the last component of owning it, which is taking that action and shining.

Can't wait to share our final principle of the GLOW Method.  W coming your way "With Love" soon!

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