The Case For Staying Organized

Have you ever heard the term “organized chaos”? Well, what about organized calm? Let’s make that a thing.

Sometimes, disorganization can help get the creative juices flowing. Other times, it can just lead to more stress.

Remember the old saying, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind?

If you're feeling a little disorganized or discombobulated lately, there's a chance you could benefit from a little organization.

In fact, I found an article in which Isaac Eliaz (MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneer, researcher, clinical practitioner, author, and lecturer) explains how organization can relieve chronic stress.

You know, that horrible thing that is linked to heart disease, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, obesity, autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Sometimes life just gets too hectic. It’s hard to pay attention to a color-coded planner when you’re being pulled in a million different directions. But, there are real ways for you to form organized habits to feel a much needed sense of calm.

And yes, I mean beyond highlighters and a label maker.

So, if disorganization stresses you out, then you need a way to stay organized long-term. Girl, it’s a matter of health!

I have three bite-sized things you can do right now to live a more organized, fabulous life:

  1. Start externally. Declutter the space around you right now. Make a conscious effort to pick up after yourself instead of letting the clutter build up.
  2. Get mental. The same goes for your mind! Choose one mental exercise you can do each week to organize your thoughts and get rid of the bad stuff. Think yoga, meditation or journaling.
  3. Day by day. Set small goals that you can achieve each day. Over time, these will build into habits! Hint: write them down in your journal, and then reflect on your progress.

Here’s to finding calm in chaos!


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