Sunday Start: Notice What's Going Right Instead of What's Going Wrong.

Happy Sunday!

What a week. I had more classes at the GLOW Studio here in Phoenix and I gave a keynote to about 80 women from across the country on self-care and leadership. It was awesome.

Then today, my husband played hookie from work for a few hours so we could grab breakfast and a hike. I was giddy. Until I wasn’t. Have you ever had one of those times when you’re expecting the perfect romantic night or the best family picnic and somehow it all goes to heck. This morning was kind of like that.

We got breakfast and then made our way to the trail which was 30 minutes away. My husband was picking at my choice of radio stations. Then, I remembered that I forgot water. That was another 10 minute detour. Parking was atrocious, we spent 15 minutes each way to and from the trailhead. In the end, we only had an hour to hike which got us about halfway up the mountain.

Suffice to say, the morning did not live up to the hype in my head.

And that’s life.

I’d like to tell you I handled it with grace and zen, but I didn’t. It aggravated me. My husband annoyed me. And, I told him we never had to do that again. (Say hello inner three-year old!)

When I quit being disappointed that the jaunt didn’t live up to the fantasy I realized that it was a pretty awesome morning.

  • We had breakfast at one of our favorite places. Waffle House. Don’t judge.
  • The weather was gorgeous - sunny and cool.
  • I hiked an hour longer than I would have if we hadn’t gone.
  • And, I drove home with the windows down.

So, the next time you’re in the middle of the event gone south, remember this story and stop to notice everything that is going right instead of being so darn annoyed at what’s not.

Have a beautiful day friends.



P.S. I took back the three-year old tantrum part and hopefully didn’t scare my husband away from an encore. Hahaha.

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