Sunday Soul: Yoga is About So Much More Than the Poses

Today, if all goes well, I will officially become a certified yoga instructor. Yay-hoo!!!

I decided to get certified to improve my own practice. I wanted my poses, or asanas, to be better. I wanted my heels to touch the ground when I did down dog. That’s what I thought yoga was about - the poses.

I’ve learned so much during the last six months, but the most important lesson has been that yoga is about so much more than form.

Yoga is about truth.

Yoga is about love.

Yoga is about unity.

Yoga is about clarity.

Yoga is about breath.

Yoga is about self-love.

Yoga is about surrender.

Yoga is about looking inward.

Yoga is about staying present.

So, yes, I have improved my down dog, but I also feel like I’ve gotten an invaluable education in living a balanced, peaceful, joy-filled life.

If you desire the same, reread the list above and ask yourself, which of these is missing in your life. Surrender? Love? Truth? Whatever it is, decide to figure out how to get more of it.

Need help? Hit reply and send me your question. I’d love to serve you if I can.


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