Sunday Soul: Share Your Truth

My soul was pierced by a line of poetry in the collection by Amanda Lovelace, “the princess saves herself in this one.”

She wrote:

“- silence has always been my loudest scream.”

Her words felt like a punch in the gut because they rang so true for me. How many times have I bitten my tongue or swallowed the words because I was afraid.

Afraid I would sound stupid.

Afraid they wouldn’t like me.

Afraid they’d be mad.

Or, worse, afraid they wouldn’t care.

The thing about silence is those words never go away. The pain, the scream of their silence, stays with us like a toxin in our blood. At first there’s no apparent effect, but over time, as the toxicity increases, it can be lethal to our sprit.

Our souls are yearning to be heard.

So speak your words, share your truth, choose not to poison yourself with silence. Share with someone you trust. Stand in your power when the message is difficult. Or, simply write in a journal that only you will read.

But speak, dear one, and let the screaming subside

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