Sunday Soul: Nature Feeds My Soul

I love nature. On the real, it absolutely feeds my soul. Sometimes, after a busy week, like the one I just had, I like to look back at pictures from my travels to recapture a moment in a far off place.

A single photo transports me back to the spot and I can feel the air and smell the Earth.

I was doing just that when I came across this video from our trip to Alaska this summer. The ultimate wilderness!

My brilliant husband caught a MAJOR calving event on video. It may not look like much, but keep in mind that the glacier you’re looking at is over a mile wide and 200 or 300 feet tall. Our timing was impeccable and the view, magnificent.

It’s just the kind of awesome that makes my soul say, “Ahhhhh.”


P.S. The video is under two minutes and don’t forget to turn the sound up.

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