Sunday Soul: Music Sunday

It’s a music Sunday, because nothing says soul like a good song.

I found this beauty by Lolo several months ago, or should I say it found me. Her lyrics are so raw I felt them in my bones. Her message so apropos at the time that I knew the universe had sent her to me. This chorus has become my anthem of sorts.

Why you waiting on the world for a favor?

This is your life go ahead and change it

You're the brightest star in the sky

But no one’s gonna know if you never shine

Why you waiting on someone else?

To give you the things that you want yourself, oh

You're the brightest star in the sky

So go ahead and shine, yeah, go ahead and shine.

I do my best to live this every day. Some days I shine and some days I fall flat on my face: embarrassed, disappointed, sad, or all of the above.

But I’m trying. As Brene Brown says, I am in the arena and that makes me proud of myself.

Give it a listen then tell me what you’re going to do to shine brighter.

Much love.

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