Sunday Soul: Live Life With an Open Heart

I’ve lived life with a closed heart. I’ve lived life with an open heart. What I know now, is that I was only really living with the open heart.

Perhaps for you, like me, life taught you early on that open-hearted living was dangerous.

It’s working up the courage to tell a boy you he is cute only to have him tell you he just likes you as a friend.

It’s believing that this time he really quit drinking only to have him return to his favorite past time.

It’s saying “I love you” only to be greeted with silence.

It’s being so happy to get invited to the party only to find out that you’re the entertainment.

Living with a hopeful, vulnerable, soft, generous heart can be heartbreaking. So heartbreaking, in fact, that it feels safer to just put up a “closed” sign, lock the door, pull down the metal gate and walk away.

But, when you close your heart off to the bad, you close it off to the good as well.

Can you imagine your life without the bright moments? If you, like me, have lived with a closed heart, can you imagine how much brighter they might have been if the metal gate wasn’t down?

Living with an open heart isn’t easy, but it is the only way to really live. I want to encourage you to embrace the mosaic of heartbreak and joy as simply - life - your personal masterpiece. I have and my life is happier as a result. I still get the wind knocked out of me, but the glories more than make up for it.

My Sunday wish for you: May your heart be open. May the world be kind. May your sorrows be few. And, may you live in bright, golden light.


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