Stress Blasting Workouts For The Busy Woman

When your schedule is packed, what’s the first thing to go? Unfortunately for many of us, the answer is health and fitness.

When you leave the office after an exhausting day, and still have a laundry list of responsibilities to tackle when you get home, often the best scenario is to skip that spin class… again.

What if I told you you didn’t have to add “not working out” to your list of stressors every week?

That’s right. You really don’t have to drop a ton of time or money on a workout that clears your mind and leaves you straight up glowing.

In fact, I found an article that lists six moves you can do in 20 minutes to instantly feel less stressed.


Do you have a tougher time than others prioritizing even 20 minutes of exercise? Fear not! I have three tips to help you make it happen.

  1. Write it down. Easy right? Literally schedule the time, down to the last minute. Set an alarm if you have to.
  2. The buddy system. It never fails! Grab your go-to girl and make sure she keeps you accountable.
  3. Incentivize. Treat yourself. Reward real progress with real experiences, whether it be a vacation with the fam, or a spa day with the girls. Keep the good vibes going!

Here’s to sweating out that stress.

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