Stop Obsessing Over Perfection

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The perfect guy.

The perfect home.

The perfect job.

The perfect life.

What do these mean to you?




Sometimes we can get so caught up in things being "perfect" that we forget one major truth: nothing and nobody is perfect.

If you walk around thinking you won't be happy unless you do everything right, or until you check off everything on some imaginary list, then you've got a long road ahead. I hope you're wearing comfortable shoes!

However, if you take a deep breath and accept that life is perfectly imperfect, then you're going to be a whole lot happier. End of story.

Now, of course, I'm not saying that you should accept less than what you want and deserve (see my note about deal breakers).

I'm just recommending a little reality check.

Perfectionism is not cute. It's just exhausting.

Not to mention, it's keeping you from enjoying all the things in your life that are going right.

It all comes down to a little psychology. You can actually tell your brain to stop obsessing over things not being perfect!

It's all spelled out in this article: How To Train Your Brain to Push Past Perfectionism


Here are a few things you can do to resist pesky perfectionism starting now:

  1. Embrace failure. Stop thinking that a failed relationship or disliking your job is the end of the world. Understand that it's a lesson, not a character flaw.
  2. Resist labels. Stop limiting yourself to being one thing, and feeling horrible if you don't live up to it. Life is about growing and learning as you go.
  3. Value your time. Stop spending precious hours trying to make things work that drain you. Newsflash: whether it's a relationship or a goal, it might not be meant for you. You don't have to do everything.

Are you a recovering perfectionist? Share your tips for rising above it and living graciously in our private Facebook group, Happy Grace Lounge. --->

Remember: whatever you’re going though, you’re not the only one!

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