Start Happy: The Art of Staying Present

Happy Sunday,

As we enter the last week of November I want you to focus on tuning in. I know you probably expected me to say something about slowing down and self-care because that’s so me. LOL. Yes, I’d like you to do those things too, but I live in the real world and sometimes a lot needs to be done in a short amount of time and that’s just the way it is.

But, what can be different, is your level of presence in each moment.

Look, perhaps you “have to do” Elf on the Shelf because the kids love it. Yes, but do you need custom Instagram-worthy elf scenes every night? Probably not, but maybe that’s the part YOU love. Cool, great. Then take time to enjoy it.

We get so caught up in making a list and checking it twice, that we never slow down to savor the magic we are creating. If you insist on saying yes to every holiday party, then by gosh, commit to being present and enjoying yourself rather that spending the whole time thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow.

Tune in. Be present. Engage all of your senses and trust that the “list” will still be there when you’re done enjoying the moment.



  • Print out this Start Happy PDF.
  • Spend time writing down your intention, or goal, for the week. For example, this week I will be focused and productive. Or, this week I will mind my own business.
  • Identify your top priorities for the week. These are the things you have to complete for the week to feel like a success.
  • Schedule in self-care on at least four days (but seven would be the bomb). This could be anything from a nail appointment or gym class to a coffee date with friends or reading by a fire.
  • If you’re pursuing a personal goal, write it down on one the blank lines at the bottom of the page so you can track it this week.

This week:

  • Keep your Start Happy sheet with you all week and write down what you are grateful for at the end of each day. Need more room? Try this blank journal.
  • Each day check the boxes as you practice the GLOW principles of gratitude, letting go, owning it and doing everything with love. Want to know more? Watch this.
  • Measure progress toward your personal goals.



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