Start Happy: Thanksgiving

Happy Sunday beautiful,


I hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend because we’ve got a big week coming up. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the food and the slower pace of the day. I mean, really, an entire day dedicated to comfort food, wine, pie and family. Hello, best day ever.


For a lot of us, it can also be a very stressful day as we’re thrown together with family members who push our buttons, have crazy political views they love to share or are just plain grumpy. For me, Thanksgiving used to stress me out because it meant seeing my dad, who I may not have spoken to for months. Most years it was fine, but you just never knew and that not knowing gave me a sense of anxiety that tainted part of the day.


If you know that difficult people are in your near future, I want to encourage you to set up some loving boundaries for yourself.


  • If you need a break, take one. Go outside for some fresh air. Take a walk around the block or simply hide in the bathroom and blame it on the pie.
  • If someone always picks on you, don’t sit next to them, politely change the subject or kindly tell them that you're a grown ass women who doesn’t need their advice or approval.
  • If you have family members who smoke, drink, eat meat or make some other life choice you don’t approve of, keep it to yourself. It’s not your job to change them and they probably don’t want your “help” any more than they want your’s. You do you and let them, do them.
  • Bring the vibe you want. It starts with us and if you show up expecting a crap time, that’s probably what you’ll get. Instead, entre each room with positivity and the expectation of joy.
  • Finally, neither you or your children have to hug, kiss or sit next to anyone. This is a real pet peeve of mine as we often force ourselves, and our children, to subjugate our own feelings and engage in physical contact that doesn’t feel good. A smile and an open heart are plenty.

As you dive into the planning for this week, remember to put an emphasis on self-care and remember - this is your holiday too! I hope it’s filled with beauty, love and connection.


P.S. The holidays can also be very lonely for a lot of people who don’t have family near by or have lost a loved one. If you know someone like that, send them a card, call them or extend an invitation just to let them know that they’re not alone.


  • Print out this Start Happy PDF.
  • Spend time writing down your intention, or goal, for the week. For example, this week I will be focused and productive. Or, this week I will mind my own business.
  • Identify your top priorities for the week. These are the things you have to complete for the week to feel like a success.
  • Schedule in self-care on at least four days (but seven would be the bomb). This could be anything from a nail appointment or gym class to a coffee date with friends or reading by a fire.
  • If you’re pursuing a personal goal, write it down on one the blank lines at the bottom of the page so you can track it this week.

This week:

  • Keep your Start Happy sheet with you all week and write down what you are grateful for at the end of each day. Need more room? Try this blank journal.
  • Each day check the boxes as you practice the GLOW principles of gratitude, letting go, owning it and doing everything with love. Want to know more? Watch this.
  • Measure progress toward your personal goals.

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