Start Happy: Nurture Yourself Through Micro-Moments.

Happy Sunday,

Right now I’m feeling a little tired, to be honest. My studio is rockin’ and I’m gearing up for a month of travel and what I really need is a long nap. So, I’m going to do the next best thing - hit the sack early tonight! That’s what self-care looks like. That’s what loving yourself looks like. Giving your body and soul what it needs to thrive.

Often when I read articles on self-care I get bummed out because the advice seems a bit out of touch for a busy mama. A lot of the advice requires money and/or time. But I don’t think that self-care requires a lot of each. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a spa day or treating myself to a girls getaway, but that’s my exception, not my rule.

Maybe you can relate?

So, I decided to share the top ten ways that I practice self-care. Most are just micro-moments, nothing fancy, but they do their job, they nurture my body and soul.

  1. Rest when I need it. Like, today. A nap in the middle of the day isn’t feasible, but climbing into bed an hour early and forgoing Netflix, totally doable.

  2. Take the long way. Drive the long way home. Walk the long way to the mailbox. Something for a few more moments of quiet. While you’re at, breathe deeply.

  3. Out of Office notification. Always. If I’m away from work for a an extended period, there’s a reason and I honor that reason by setting everyone’s expectations before, during and after.

  4. Saying “no” to something I don’t want to do. Saves my time and sanity.

  5. Giving myself a break when I screw up. Yes, it happens. I could beat myself up, but really, what good would that do. So, I say sorry, clean up my mess and do my best not to repeat it.

  6. Making myself a hot cup of tea. Honestly it’s as much about the process as it is the tea. It gets me out of my desk chair, it takes time for the water to warm and the leaves to steep. All of that is a little mini-break for yours truly. And at the end, a glorious treat that keep on giving.

  7. Letting my husband and son have quality time together. Also known as, free time for mom. And you know what, I might just watch an hour of TV or paint my nails because I can.

  8. Asking for help. This one is tough, but no one expects me to be wonder woman except me. Plus, it kinda makes other people to feel good when you need them.

  9. Walking on the grass barefoot. It feels good and helps me feel grounded. Another great time to take a few deep breaths and think about my blessings.

  10. Yoga at home. I used to think I had to go to a studio for an hour, but now days, I pull out my mat for 10 or 15 minutes of stretching in the extra room, with India Arie singing me to bliss.

The greatest self-care is creating a life we love so much we don’t need to escape. But, even then, there will be moments and when you need a little extra something and that’s what this list will come in handy.

Sweet dreams,


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