Seeing Yourself as the Love of Your Life

Self-love is so important.

Self-love is more than self-care. It goes beyond nourishing your body, getting enough sleep and all that jazz.

Do you love yourself as hard as you love others? Do you take care of yourself because YOU are the love of your life, or because you feel like you have to? Worse, does your own self-care take the back seat to others?

Spoiler alert: if it’s the latter, you might need to spend some time nourishing the most important relationship you will ever have the one you have with yourself!

Need a little inspiration? I’ve collected some of my fave self-love pins to help you get there. Even if you’re a self-love pro, you can always use a reminder every now and then.


To Do: What do I need to feel happy and successful in the next 24 hours? Write this question at the top of your agenda each day.



To Do: Get real about a priority shift. Are any of your relationships draining you right now? Give yourself permission to take a little break.  


To Do: Use this pin as a checklist. Done and done!


To Do: Make everyday self-love Thanksgiving. Make a mental checklist of everything that’s going right to help you find peace whenever you feel stressed.

Like what you see here? We have an entire Pinterest profile with boards to tickle any of your fancies whether it’s food or interior design.

Here’s to spreading the love!

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