Relationships Redefined: How To Date in 2016

All the single ladies! This one’s for you.

We’re living in an interesting time for dating. To some, it seems like there have never been so many socially acceptable options to finding The One (Tinder, anybody?).

For others, online dating, and what the millennials call “hookup culture” has made it harder to find a real connection with anyone… let alone someone who can complement our already full and enriching lives.

“Other half”? Please, you’re whole already.  

I came across an article called Dating 101: The New Rules.


Now, let me be clear: these new rules aren’t really rules at all.

Old dating tropes have been thrown out the window. Say goodbye to things like the 3-day rule. Instead of mourning the loss of relationships as they were, a modern chick like yourself can use this shift to her advantage.

In a time when the new normal for dating is playing the “who cares less” game, you can do one of two things: play along to no end, or make your own rules.

I’ve broken it down for you ladies so you can start creating the dating life you want right now:


  1. The waiting game is over. We’re all too busy in this instant gratification world to wait three days for a call. Use this as an opportunity to be all in and go for what you want… now!
  2. Gimmicks? Just say no. These days, being genuine goes a long way. This isn’t high school, ladies - you’re too old to be anything but yourself when it comes to dating.
  3. Set boundaries. Just because you can swipe right 24/7 doesn’t mean you should. Hello burn out! Remember: dating or playing the field should be fun, not a full-time job.

Have any of your own modern dating advice? Share it with us!

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