Living a Life of Ease

and my 2017 wish for you

(a note from Tanya)


As 2016 comes to a close, I am making time to reflect on all that has happened and all that has yet to unfold. My intention in sharing this with you is to claim my commitments and to inspire you to claim your own for the new year.

For me, this is a powerful year for reflection because it is the final year in my personal nine year cycle. Year nine is a year of completing. Year nine is like the final chapter in a book. It is when all is left behind as a new journey is about to begin.

This nine year cycle has been one of transformation for me. As my teacher, Dr. Martha Beck, likes to say, I walked through the ring of fire to get to the promised land.

The cycle began with struggle, betrayal, hurt, self-doubt and confusion. In so many ways I was lost and felt like I lived on an isolated island. My old ways were not getting me the results I wanted and I learned many lessons that have forever shaped the course of my life.

As this cycle comes to a close I am leaving behind hurt, betrayal, broken relationships, and struggle. I say adios to complexity, looking for answers outside myself and trying to be what I think others want me to be. I am done doing things the way they have always been done.

If there is one lesson that I will take from this cycle it is this: life doesn’t have to be so hard. Holla!

I have burned and seethed and had days where I wasn’t sure how I would make it to the end, but I do not lament those times because they have brought me here.

I had to walk in dark places to find the light I had been yearning for for so long. I had to be willing to shrug off that cozy, familiar blanket of struggle and get comfortable with bliss, to embrace it rather than sabotage it.

So my mantra for 2017 is simple - life isn’t meant to be hard.

As I let go of so much, I am embracing new beginnings. I am looking at life through clear lenses where all is possible.

As my next story begins I will be me - just me.

I will follow my instincts more and allow myself to be led by that great divine energy source that surrounds us.

I will use my voice and words to be a conduit of positivity and inspiration.

I will deepen my understanding of all the things we cannot see.

I will embrace simplicity, ease, and flow.

I will allow wisdom and love to work through me and to shine light on the pieces of my being that still need to be explored.

I will share when I want to share and say what I want to say, not for “likes” or “shares” or SEO or metrics, but because I must if my spirit is to be free.

I will work to democratize spirituality and soulful living for all. Wisdom and light are not for the holy few or the enlightened. They are not just for those who travel to ashrams and eat, love and pray. They are not the personal property of new agers, hippies or lithe, beautiful vegetarian yogis.

They are for all of us. Let me say that again, soulful living is for ALL OF US.

I will live my core values everyday to the best of my ability: fun, happiness, bravery, service, freedom and life lived without regret.

I will make “yes, and . . .”  and , “but what if . . .”  my constant companions.

I will play my game even if no one wants to play with me.

I will be light and welcome those who feel alone, because I understand that unique pain and have lived it many days of my life.

I hope to encourage and inspire others to claim their dream and believe it with their whole beautiful hearts.

I will live. I will love. I will shine.

Sending you all wishes for a 2017 filled with ease, joy and connection.

P.S. If this  resonates with you, you might be interested in a FREE webinar I’m hosting in a few weeks. I’m going to share some of the key lessons that transformed my life from struggle to ease. Keep an eye out to register. Don’t worry, if you’re booked that day we’ll be sending out a recording with all the goodness.

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