Let's get things flowing again.

Hello gorgeous,

Do you ever feel like nothing is coming together and then boom, everything comes together?! That’s me right now and I want to share what made the difference.

Running my own business has been full of blessings and challenges, but one of the hardest parts for me has been getting out of my own way.

Quick version of the story: About eight years ago, I was a CEO, mother, and wife who “had it all” but felt utterly lost and alone. I took a sabbatical to figure my stuff out. I did, and I’ve continued to grow and learn. I landed a sweet job as an SVP with the Phoenix Suns, but felt called to do more. I met so many people who I knew were suffering from the same loneliness and confusion I felt years earlier and I wanted to help them, so I quit and started my own biz.

My main message: life can be better and I can show you how.

Today, my life looks vastly different. Same family, same home, different dogs, but I feel like a completely new woman. I have reinvented my life to be the dream I knew was possible.

Back to the lack of flow.

So, I was doing life differently and, not suprisingly, getting different results. Pinch yourself this is so good results. But, my business wasn’t flowing. It was full of peaks and valleys, emotional victories and defeats. I’ve been searching to find my groove, but two weeks ago I got some insight that has turned that around.

Courtesy of my darling husband, I spent four days at Mii Amo spa in Sedona - heaven! 

I was talking with a guide about my lack of business flow and here was the game-changing insight: I was doing life differently and getting different results, but I was still stuck in my old, masculine energy way of doing business and it was blocking my mojo. Ugh, duh!

I set out to build a different kind of business, but I was doing it the same old way. There was incongruence in my message. Play, dream, create, I would tell all of you. But then I wasn’t doing that in my own business.

Can you relate?

Is there something in your life that you want to be different, but it won’t budge? Maybe you’re even doing all sorts of things to create change, but it’s just not happening?

If so, I want to humbly suggest that your actions may not be in alignment with your intentions. Sure, you might really want something to be different, but if you’re doing it the same old way, you’ll just get more of the same old results.

I’ve been consciously living my intentions through my actions in the business and things are flowing. I went to a museum with a friend, cut my Thursday short because it was a nice day for a walk, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to take the whole month of July off. And you know what? I haven’t felt this much business flow in a long time.

Happy Sunday lovelies,


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