How To Define Yourself Outside of Motherhood

If one of your many hats has "mom" written on it, then you know that motherhood is an incredibly joyful, difficult, amazing, stressful and beautiful experience.

Your kids can drive you nuts, but you love them more than anything in the world. BUT, just because someone calls you Mama doesn't mean that's all you are.

When you bring a life into this world, it does not mean you have to forget about your own.

Let's get it all out in the open shall we? You're allowed to have a life outside of motherhood and not feel guilty about it.

In fact, your family will be better off when you prioritize yourself and your sanity. You know that whole "put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone with theirs" thing that the stewardess says as you page through SkyMall? Yeah, there's something to that.

The thing is, you were this amazing accomplished woman before your little one came around. And newsflash: you're still that woman. Just an upgraded version!

It's time to get to know her.

I came across an article I had to share, mainly because the title is great advice in itself: Redefining Motherhood: Taking Care of the Me in Mommy.


When it comes right down to it, I am just not a fan of those Mommy Shamers that make you feel like a negligent mother for daring to take of that "mom" hat for five seconds. Honestly, where do they get off?

If we’re on the same page (and I know we are), here are some quick tips to help you define yourself outsides of motherhood:

  1. List your needs and fill them on purpose. Make a “me time” schedule and make it happen.
  2. Stop the justification. You don’t have to explain why you’re taking time to define yourself. Just do it and stop apologizing.
  3. Priorities, priorities. Don’t expect anyone to prioritize your happiness and sanity if you don’t!

Graceful mamas: how do YOU define yourself outside of motherhood?

I’d love to hear your answers below. We can all use a little help now and then!

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