Celebrate Your Accomplishments This Holiday Season!

Winter is here! Finally, Arizona is showing some signs of an actual winter season and I am loving it! Today we’re about halfway through the month - the last month of 2017.


One of the things we rarely take the time to do is celebrate our wins. In fact, I’m the worst culprit. I’m all  “what have you done for me lately-ing” myself all the time. The truth is that most of us accomplish some pretty rockin’ things in twelve months.


I did the activity I’m about to suggest to you and thought there wouldn’t be much to write, that it had been kind of a down year. But, when I actually quit telling myself that lame story and put pen to paper I realized that I had done things like:


  • Visited continent number five (and in a couple weeks I’ll visit continent number 6)
  • Led the planning for my son’s first middle-school dance (sigh!)
  • Jumped off a cliff with a parachute (and I’m afraid of heights)
  • Figured out how to get books published in China
  • Launched those books and started a whole new business (hello Happy Grace)
  • Got a semi-regular gig on a local TV show
  • Made new friends


My jaw dropped. I did all of this and more and all I was thinking about was what I hadn’t accomplished yet. Major joy zapper!


And here’s the important thing to note for all of us happiness nuts: when I focused on what I hadn’t accomplished yet and wondered what I was doing wrong, my energy felt low and unproductive. The minute I started writing down my accomplishments my energy instantly got brighter. No joke! And high energy is more productive, creative and joyful.


So, I want you to do what I did and make a list of everything you accomplished this year. No judgment. No discounting something because it was “no big deal.” Own your wins, own the fact that you make things happen, own the fact that you are impacting the lives of others. If you’re having trouble getting started, consider one or more of these questions:


  • What did I do this year that I had never done before?
  • What did I create this year that didn’t exist before?
  • What did I survive this year that I thought might kill me?
  • Whose life did I impact this year?
  • What new place did I visit this year?


We all do amazing things and we get so wrapped up worrying about what’s next that we miss it, we miss all of the good stuff. As 2017 starts to come to a close, carve out a few minutes for this exercise and celebrate YOU and all of your magic.


And here’s a little surprise: if you post your list of accomplishments on our Happy Grace Facebook page by THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of my Everyday Zen Workbook for Soulful Living, sent to your house absolutely FREE. It’s a two-fer: feel great and get a chance to win a 90-day workbook that will help you ignite 2018.


What are you waiting for???



P.S. This is a powerful activity. Feel free to forward this email to friends who could benefit from a little celebration.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to complete your Start Happy worksheet and spend a little extra time on gratitude this week.

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