BOSS LADY INTERVIEW: Jennifer Boonlorn from Soul Carrier

1. How do you stay inspired and fuel your creative vibe?

Music is my fuel. I am a Spotify junkie. Certain lyrics set my soul on fire and my imagination, creativity, and visions for new designs, kick into high gear, simply by listening to a song that resonates with me. I am also an architecture and interior design junkie - aesthetics and atmosphere are everything to me - put me in a well designed environment and my creative juices will start to flow.


2. What does the typical day in the life look like for you?

I wake up around 5am and I either go to spin class, hot yoga, or do strength training with my friend Lindsey. And then after my work out, the day could take on a plethora of shapes…the one constant is that there are always problems to solve and fires to put out. Soul Carrier is constantly evolving and I am constantly laying new foundations upon which to build the brand. Being a design entrepreneur, is really about being a problem solver — using my creativity to come up with solutions for whatever has arisen to the surface.


3. Why is balance important in your life?

Balance keeps me focused on my true north and in alignment with my authenticity and the integrity of my soul. I struggle with the art of gracefully saying “No”, however my life, my business, and my brand will always be out of balance when I take on too much or when I am out of alignment with my true north and the goals and plans I have set for myself. Balance keeps me grounded and avoids burn out.


4. What is an essential practice or ritual you do weekly to help you stay balanced and grounded?

Take time to work out. Take time to refuel. Have the courage to say no when I am being stretched too thin. Stand in and come from love, and then be brave enough to let people down and to be okay with their disappointment versus twisting myself inside out just to keep them pleased.


5. What is your personal mantra?

Hehe, I have several ;-) “Be intentional!” “Come from and stand in love!” “Be selective!” “True North: Is THIS going to take me closer or farther away from my true north!?”  “Alignment! Authenticity! Integrity - every situation, decision, relationship must have these three vital ingredients otherwise the very fabric of the situation will disintegrate!


6. What does happiness look like to you?

Taking a vision and seeing it come to fruition. Being in alignment with my soul. Showing up fully and authentically - which means letting go of pinning my worth and value on what people think of me. Embracing the freedom that comes from being fully present and in the moment. Knowing my actions left a positive impact upon the world. Knowing my behaviors are leaving a ripple effect of catalytic change.


7. When you look at a photograph of yourself when you were younger, if you were to write a letter to her, what advice would you give?

I would tell her she is enough. I would tell her that her worthiness is not pinned to what people think of her. I would tell her that listening to her intuition was more important than keeping people pleased. I would tell her to write out her true north and then to align every decision, every request, every choice, every fork in the road up against that true north and to then let that be the barometer of how to make decisions. I would tell her that when bad things happen to her, it is not because she “called these situations into her life” or that she is a “mirror" to her own internal turmoil, as so many spiritual teachings like to espouse. I would remind her instead, that there are over 7 billion people in the world and there is a high likely-hood that she will bump into some shady characters with ill-intentions over the course of her life. AND that fate will also deliver some fires for her to walk through — and that it is not so much WHAT happens to her that matters, but how she chooses to walk through the flames that counts. I would tell her that every situation is a chance to grow, learn, evolve and then PIVOT if the situation calls her to do so. And to never be afraid of the PIVOT - the grace that comes from ALLOWING ourselves to change our mind, and choose a different path, from what we originally started out on, is incredibly invigorating and rewarding.


8. What do you love the most about your life right now?

What I love most about my life right now is the freedom to only say yes to what I absolutely want to say yes to. I view my life as a painting and I get to select who and what gets placed on my canvas. I love that we all have the freedom to select and be intentional with our time, resources and what ultimately what makes us happy. If something is no longer pushing me closer to my true north or allowing me to be authentic to my soul - I have to LET IT GO! There is tremendous freedom in only allowing in what truly serves you.


9. What current project has you fired up?

Working with my friend Andrea Nelson on the operations side of Soul Carrier. Andrea’s gift is operations and logistics — she is like the business whisperer. She is helping me tighten up the back end of my business. As a creative, I tend to put my energy into designing and working on the artistic-aesthetic side of things — Andrea is helping get grounded and lay the solid foundation that I need in order to be able to truly soar.

9. Any final thoughts, words of advice, or a favorite quote for the Happy Grace community?

Listen to your intuition, pay attention the first time it tells you a situation is out of alignment or off. Don’t be afraid to say NO. Don’t be afraid of letting others down in honor of chasing your own goals and dreams. Ask yourself “WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!?” and then CARVE time out to get there. Have the courage to have a voice and speak up. Remember that we are all in this together, and it is not so much WHAT happens to us that matters, but how we gracefully maneuver through the fire that counts.


Jennifer Boonlorn
Soul Carrier

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