BOSS LADY INTERVIEW: Deborah Munies from Can't Dimmer My Shimmer

1. How do you stay inspired and fuel your creative vibe?

I stay inspired because I know my work helps people. I feel so blessed to be able to work with such amazing women and girls. They inspire me! When I need to get creative, I turn up the music and dance or go for a walk in the fresh air - that gets the juices flowing!


2. What does the typical day in the life look like for you?

Every day starts at 6:30am with my son waking me up - no alarm clock needed when you have a 5 year old! While still in bed I take a moment to ground myself, express gratitude and set an intention for the day. Then it’s on to making breakfast, finding lost shoes and hair brushes, packing lunches and backpacks, getting my husband off to work and in between, putting myself together. I take my kids to school and by 8:30am I’m off to start “my” day. I take a half hour to get organized and grounded - banging out a few quick odds and ends then a 10 minute meditation. The rest of the day is full of working with clients, writing, planning future events or participating in regular mastermind groups. By late afternoon I’m back in my mom role until 9pm and then I wrap up any work odds and ends. Every Friday I write out my detailed calendar for the next week so I know what’s going on and am ready to roll Monday morning.


3. Why is balance important in your life?

Balance is super important for the sake of my health and the happiness of me and my family. I have learned what fuels and depletes me so that compass helps me make decisions for me, my business and my family. Just because something looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s empowering to say “no” because that’s a “yes” to something else that will move me forward.


4. What is an essential practice or ritual you do weekly to help you stay balanced and grounded?

Aside from my morning rituals, it’s essential for me to go to my Bar Method class a few times each week - it’s exercise but also offers a great community of women to connect with. I also have to get fresh air - even if it’s to poke my head out the door in the winter time, I need to breathe in the earth each day.


5. What is your personal mantra?

Oh, I’ve got a few.

Of course my first mantra is Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer® - no one can take away my light, essence and awesomeness. The other thing I’m always saying is “We’ll figure it out.”  If I don’t know something, I know I’ll figure it out. I might just need more information or time. It adds positivity and the room to breathe until the answer presents itself. And I really do believe I’ll figure it out, or it will be figured out somehow - that’s the key. And lastly, “You don’t ask, you don’t get.” From raises to reservations at top restaurants, you have to seize the right moment and ask.


6. What does happiness look like to you?

I think happiness is a feeling and to me happiness feels like freedom and love. This might look like hugging my kids or me sitting by myself at Laduree in New York City sipping a cappuccino and eating macaroons.


7. When you look at a photograph of yourself when you were younger, if you were to write a letter to her, what advice would you give?

I would tell that girl to listen to her intuition, trust it and speak up more because she knows what’s right, not just personally but also in regard to the businesses she's working for. I’d also tell her to be kind to herself, do what makes her happy and only hang out with people who fuel her and make her feel good about herself. Lastly I’d tell her to keep having fun, daring and taking spontaneous adventures because one day you’ll look back and say “I am so glad I rocked it out in my 20’s!”


8. What do you love the most about your life right now?

What I love most right now is being able to do something I love and being fulfilled doing it. At the same time, I’m able to help people and I have the flexibility to spend more time with my family.


9. What current project has you fired up?

There’s a few things I’m excited about! I’m expanding my motivational speaking and corporate coaching practice. I know the stressors of corporate America and how it can eat away at you - I’ve been there!  The coaching not only helps the individual, but the company and its bottomline. It’s amazing how many people come to me ready to quit their job, then they make some personal modifications in perspective and they not only stay at their current company, but put themselves out there and advance.

Another project near and dear to my heart is a girls camp program I’m doing this summer in partnership with a local arboretum. The Confident Girl is going to be a combination of self discovery, life long tools, crafts, nature and fun - I can’t wait! They even get a super luxe Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer® t-shirt because what’s camp without matching t-shirts!


Deborah Munies
Personal and Executive Coach, Writer

Business Owner and Founder of Can’t Dimmer My Shimmer® empowerment education for women and girls

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