1. How do you stay inspired and fuel your creative vibe?

I set aside a “me work time” where I can simply look through the internet and find fabrics I like.


2. What does the typical day in the life look like for you?

Wake up early, kids off to school, gym, husband and I switch off working/taking care of our underdeveloped 2 year old angel baby. We try to be completely done with shipping and emails before our girls return home from school. Then we have usual family time (homework, dinner..etc.)  


3. Why is balance important in your life?

If I didnt constantly strive for balance, I would get too overwhelmed and fail. Simple as that. I dont have perfect balance, but am constantly striving for it. 


4. What is an essential practice or ritual you do weekly to help you stay balanced and grounded?

I say a lot of prayers which could also be meditation time. I also try and work out at least 4 times a week.


5. What is the next project you are excited to take on?

We just launched organic cotton blankets and will continue to add designs for those. 


6. What is your personal mantra?

Pray always. 


7. What does happiness look like to you?

Being with my family doing outdoor things. 


7. When you look at a photograph of yourself when you were younger, if you were to write a letter to her, what advice would you give?


You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. You are important and can make a difference in the world. 


8. What do you love the most about your life right now?

I love that I get to be a mom, and also have a creative business outlet. Most think it is not possible, but it so is. You can be a wonderful and involved mother, and be involved in every aspect of your business. 


8. Any final thoughts, words of advice, or a favorite quote for the Happy Grace community? 


If I can do it, you can too! It’s never too late to go for it.



Courtney Gray
Founder of T'nees Tpees

Being a mom of 3 little ones, I am always thinking and creating things that will help their little minds imagine. They ere always building forts out of chairs and blankets that I would quickly take down after play. I decided I needed to create something that would be pretty enough to leave up all the time. I then came up with my own, unique, and functional teepee design and started to sew. My children loved it so much that I started making more for other children to enjoy. I now offer teepees and other decor that are stylish enough to leave out in any room in the house.

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