Beauty Routines You Should Have By Now

By the time you’re a certain age (hello thirty, flirty and thriving!) you should have certain habits in the bag.

I am, of course, talking about your beauty routine.

Gone are the days when you’d lazily hit the hay without washing your face. You know better than that, girl!

When it comes to your everyday beauty routine, you’ve learned more than that over the years.

I came across an article from Glamour that addresses this exact subject. It’s about beauty truths every modern chick should know by now… and there’s 30 of them.


I even pulled some of my favorites to share with you now. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Get those zzz’s

Can we say this enough? A good night’s sleep is CRUCIAL to making sure your skin shines with all its might. According to Glamour, it’s where all the beauty happens.

And, by the time you hit the big 3-0, you should be pulling regular all-nighters. Who’s got time for that when you’re busy conquering the world?

Try this:


Beat The Heat

Number one on your beauty buy list? Heat protector spray! You shouldn’t be blow drying, straightening or curling your hair without it. It’s what grown ups do.

You can splurge on salon-quality, or pick up a bottle at the drugstore for under $10. Whatever you decide, pick one and start spraying!

Try this:


Red Lips For The Win

You need a go-to red lipstick by the time you’re 30. By now, you should know what shade works best with your beautiful face, and what brand stays put all night.

Think of your red lipstick as your secret weapon, to stow away in every purse for any occasion. This classic look never goes out of style! And honey, neither do you.

Try this:


Do you have beauty routines you swear by? Share them in Happy Grace Lounge. I wanna hear them, and so does the rest of our fabulous (and FREE) Facebook group!


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