Be The Mom YOU Want To Be

Super mom? Fun mom? The “perfect” mom?

Which kind of mom do you strive to be? It seems like there are so many different kinds of moms out there. Which do you choose, and which one is right?

Here’s the thing, ladies. There are always going to be haters out there. Mommy shamers will pick on anything and everything you do.

And guess what? There’s no such thing as the “perfect” mom.

The kind of mom that you should be is the kind of mom that works for you. You love your kids, provide for them and support them throughout life. It’s the hardest job there is, and you’re going to make some mistakes along the way.

But, chances are, none of these mistakes or imperfections are going to scar your kid for life, no matter what the mommy shamers say.

So, create a system that works for you. If you love health and fitness, work that into your mommy routine. If you thrive off organization, let that spill over into your parenting style. If you’re a little more go-with-the-flow, that works too!

It’s all about finding a groove that works for you and your kids. You’re learning on the job!

In fact, I found an article recently that addressed all the great mommy debates. It’s called 5 Mom-Shaming Trends That Need to Stop Now.


As always, here are three things you can stop freaking about right now. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that, as a mom, you’re doing just fine.

  1. Breastfeeding. The ultimate debate. Guess what? Not every pregnancy is alike and neither is every lactation decision. Just try not to give the newborn cheetos :)
  2. Organic snacks. Or gluten. Or any of the things that you should be thinking about when packing lunches. Of course, you want your kid to be healthy, but letting them have a candy bar every now and then doesn’t make you a negligent mother.
  3. Working vs. staying at home. Oh, the guilt! Just remember: either way, it’s a sacrifice. You gotta do what you gotta do! It’s time to stop the judgements.

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