How To Get The Most Out Of A Business Trip

I know that a business trip is not exactly the tropical vacation of your dreams. Even if it is in a warm location, you’ll probably be sporting a pencil skirt and latte over a bikini and mojito.

But, that’s life. Even though you’ll be putting in a day’s work, you can still make the most of a business trip! The next time you’re out of town for meetings, shift your perspective. Don’t let your plane ticket go to waste. Carpe that diem and carve out some time to make your business trip feel a little more like a vacation.

Pack Aspirationally

Don’t limit yourself to just business attire. The pencil skirt is a must, but make sure to throw in some sneakers, jeans and a casual dress, too. You never know when you’ll score some downtime to explore a new city!


Rally The Troops

Get your coworkers on your side. Help them see the light, too! Plan a group activity for you and your coworkers. Talk about employee morale! Hint: Karaoke is always a good idea.

Think Like A Tourist

Embrace it! Take any opportunity you can to get out of your hotel room. Research museums, restaurants and any other landmarks that you can visit in your time off. Make a business trip bucket list, take pictures and have proof that you even got out of town in the first place.


As with anything in life, it’s all about the power of positive thinking. Are you going to let your next business trip be just another day at the office, or an opportunity to make the most of a change of scenery? I think we know the right answer.

I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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