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Here’s a question: do you have time to be creative? It seems like the answer is too often “no”.

I mean, let’s face it. If you’re like me, you feel like you barely have time to wash your face every night with your favorite beauty products or cram breakfast into your mouth every morning, let alone time for being creative.

For some of you, this might seem fine. However, creativity is not reserved for those of us who love to write, draw, paint or create. Being creative can benefit your life in basically every area, from your job to your relationships and personal development goals. Living more creatively is both enjoyable and cathartic. So, to me, making time to be creative is a must for us all!


I found an article from Refinery29 that addresses this perfectly. They define creativity as, “the ability that we have as individuals... to create ourselves and to continually strive to be better.” Could living more creatively be a major factor in being the best versions of ourselves; to achieving that life balance we crave?

I have a challenge for you ladies: find out for yourself. How can you be more creative in a way that works for YOUR life?

Embrace the mess. Embrace the overlap. Sometimes, work and play will run into one another. Instead of stressing, find ways to create a balance that works for you. Put simply, create your OWN definition of what balance means. Yes, that means stop comparing your work-life balance to that of others!
Listen. Some of the best advice and ideas come from the minds of our friends, coworkers and family. Make a conscious effort to be a better listener. You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you might be missing because you’re wrapped up in your own stuff. (Hey, we all do it).
Break the rules. Make your own. Sometimes, expectations can put you in a box and keep you from growing. Whether it’s pressure to be the right kind of mom, friend, employee or woman, it’s not up to anyone else to define who you are. Create a rule book that’s catered to you, and don’t be afraid to break even those every once and awhile.

Here’s to embracing your creative side. Just remember, I’m your biggest fan!

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