Everyday Yogi Habits

While there’s nothing like a full blown yoga class, you don’t have to limit your moves to the yoga studio! Much like the practice itself, life is all about balance. Sometimes your day is just too busy to fit in a trip to the gym, or even to pop in your favorite yoga DVD.

But, guess what? You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite workout for other, more pressing things on your to-do list. I have a secret for you, Happy Gracers: you can do both! Like the little girl in that old El Paso commercial, porque no los dos?

It’s all about multitasking the right way, especially when it comes to your personal development goals.


On Your Commute

If you’re lucky enough to take public transportation (yes, I said lucky!) then you are in a prime position for an on-the-go yoga pose. While you wait at a bus or train stop, or even on the commute itself, try the tree pose. Talk about a balance challenge!

At Your Desk

There is a scary new saying floating around the workplace: sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for hours on end is now being compared to that nasty habit you kicked in college. An easy solution? The chair pose! Kick that swivel chair out of the way once and a while for a minute or so while you work. Ignore the weird looks; you’re working on your glutes!

Cooking Dinner

You gotta eat! Fit in a pose or too while you stir that new pasta sauce recipe you found on Pinterest. Since you’re kicking ass at cooking, go for the warrior pose. Just do it for 30 seconds between every stir, or while you wait for the pot to boil.

I’m all about being realistic. Taking advantage of these little pockets of down time, or mastering productive multi-tasking is what we do best, ladies!


Let’s have an “ommm” for life balance!

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