The Beauty of Dining, Traveling and Being Alone

Is the idea of dining alone completely terrifying to you? If you think that you won’t have any fun at a restaurant (or really any public establishment, for that matter) without bringing a friend along for the ride, think again.


According to an article I stumbled upon from the Atlantic, there is an unexpected pleasure in doing things with me, myself and I. Upon further examination, it totally makes sense, and aligns beautifully with my personal development goals. Don’t you just love when that happens?  

Why is there such a stigma attached to riding solo on any number of social excursions? In her series of experiments, the University of Maryland’s Rebecca Ratner discovered that, “people decide to not do things all the time just because they're alone. But the thing is, they would probably be happier going out and doing something.”

This got me thinking, Happy Gracers. How many times have I missed out on a gallery opening, road trip or delicious meal, simply because I didn’t have the social crutch of a friend or family member to do it with? Why on earth would I be so afraid of my own company?

It’s crazy to me that certain things, like grocery shopping or a quick beauty supplies run, are totally normal to do alone, but simply eating a meal by yourself is strange.

I know that many of you feel the same way. As women, we’re more independent than ever. We’re buying homes by ourselves in record numbers, and getting married and starting families later. While many of us still struggle for that ideal life balance between work and play, we’re getting closer and having more control over finding our true happiness.

Why, then, is it still such a crazy thought for some of us to sit at restaurant table without someone sitting across?

That’s why I have a challenge for you, ladies. YOU are your new best friend, travel buddy and dinner companion. It’s time to take yourself out on a date and really get to know what makes you be-YOU-tiful! Dedicate this next week to confidently enjoying your own company and feeling better connected with your soul.


Here’s a handy starter checklist of things to do all by yourself:

  • See a movie.
  • Eat dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  • Visit a local gallery or museum.
  • Take a mini road trip or plan a major vacation.

Ready… set… go!

Here’s to falling in love with yourself!

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