How To Overcome “Imposter Syndrome”

Calling all my ambitious and hardworking ladies! Do you ever have this feeling at work that you’re going to be “found out”? That despite your work and all the extra hours, blood, sweat and tears, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re a fraud.

Well, you’re not alone. This very real phenomenon is called “Imposter Syndrome” and it’s something that largely affects women in the workplace. Check out the breakdown by Refinery 29.

While this minor sense of paranoia may not seem like a big deal, it could be keeping you from going for that big promotion, or standing your ground and asking for what you deserve at work.

So, it’s time to put your foot down. Know your worth, accept it, and keep moving onwards and upwards! To quote one of my favorite ladies, Mindy Kaling, “Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled.”


Sometimes, feeling entitled is not only okay, but straight up necessary to get to the place you want to be in your career, and in your life.

Here’s my challenge for you, happy gracers. It’s time to stop feeling less like an imposter, and more like the leading lady of your own life, especially at the office. The goal? Live the life you want, and do it on purpose. Let’s break it down:

  • Work it.
  • You know you work hard. But, are some of your tasks wasting time? When it comes to your work ethic, work smarter. Long hours don’t always equal better work.

  • Own It.
  • Stop saying “yes” to everything! Start being more realistic with your limits. Confidently draw a hard line and communicate what you can handle (and handle well). Your co-workers, boss, clients (and SELF) will all thank you.

  • Ask for it.
  • Now that you’re following the first part of Ms. Kaling’s advice, it’s time to feel entitled. Start by asking for one thing you know you deserve at work, whether it’s more help on a big project, or that long-overdue raise.

    You can do it, ladies. No frauds here!

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