The Beauty of Kindness

Happy Gracers, you know that thing people are always saying, about how looks aren’t everything? When it comes to romance or even friendship, they say that looks can only last so long.

Sometimes, someone you thought was “average” at first glance can be incredibly beautiful if they are a wonderful person with a personality that meshes with yours. The same goes for someone you thought was drop-dead gorgeous at first glance. A mean streak or off-putting personality can be a deal breaker and change your perspective completely.

I couldn’t help but think of this phenomenon when I came across an article from Scientific American that begged the question: “Is Kindness Physically Attractive?”

We’ve heard over and over that beauty is not skin deep, but I know how hard that can be to buy some days. Bear with me, ladies. I think I found some concrete proof that beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but based on who you are as a person as a whole… not simply the makeup you use or the clothes you wear.

It’s pretty encouraging, I can’t lie!

If you dive deeper into the link above, you’ll see it examines a study that researched this exact idea, testing whether or not others perceive beauty based on things beyond physical traits.

One comment in particular stood out among the rest. The researcher who conducted this study concluded, “If you want to enhance your physical attractiveness, become a valuable social partner."

To be your most beautiful self, you have to work on things that make you the well-rounded, unique and valuable person you truly are. You know, your best self -- the one that your friends and family (and YOU) love so much! And guess what? That beauty is a lot deeper than makeup or clothes.

So, my only challenge for you happy gracers is this: read the article, and get out there. Get back to basics and do more of what you love, and what you do best. Got it?

Here’s to being more be-YOU-tiful!

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