Things That Make You Truly Happy

Have you ever started a sentence with, “I’d be happier if…”? You can pretty much finish that sentence with any number of things:

… I lost 15 pounds.
… I made more money.
… I had clearer skin.

The thing is, we’re not exactly doing ourselves any favors with these thoughts. Not only are they a huge source of stress, but they’re just not true.

According to Time Magazine, there are 8 things that can actually make you happier, according to research, and none of them have to do with improving your looks or bank account. I’m dead serious.

Time lists these eight things as ways to feel happier right now: thanking someone, spending money on others, giving hugs, doing things you’re good at, doing nice things for others, creating something to look forward to, spending time with friends and writing down good things that happen to you.

Mind you, Happy Gracers, this is based on actual research. There are studies that back up the fact that happiness is simply not skin deep!

While we all love looking and feeling our best, attaining true happiness is simply not that simple. Without authentic ways to feel happy, we simply cannot and will not look and feel our best.

Which came first, happiness or beauty? In this case, the answer is easy: happiness.


As you all know, I love a good challenge. Here is yours for this week: get happy. Really happy. Use this Time article as the ultimate, scientifically proven to-do list for each day of the week. Here, I’ll even break it down for you:

Monday: Thank someone. Your mom, because she’s awesome. Your roommate, for cleaning up after you. Just call someone on the phone and say “thank you.”
Tuesday: Buy someone their morning coffee. A co-worker, your hubby, or maybe even the person behind you in line at Starbucks!
Wednesday: GIve 5 hugs. Pretty simple!
Thursday: Be yourself, and do it on purpose. What is the one thing you’re best at? Even if it’s just making a killer lasagna, do it today.
Friday: 5 nice things for others. GO!
Saturday: Put something on your calendar that you can look forward to this month. Ideas include throwing a party or a weekend getaway with your best friend!
Sunday: You have to fit in two today, but I know you ladies can do it! Spending time with friends is easy on Sunday Funday. Do brunch, or have your besties over for dinner. Then, before you go to sleep, jot down at least 3 good things that happened to you today. I promise, it won’t be hard after your week of happiness!

Keep in touch, and let me know how your week goes. I’ll be right there with you. Destination: happiness!

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