DIY Face Masks For Glowing Skin

Are you as sick of the same old face foundation as I am? As much as I love getting my glam on, that heavy-duty base can get to be a bit much. My thick foundation sometimes just feels too heavy.

As much as I want to ditch the foundation for my daytime look, I’m not always psyched about the state of my skin. We all have our good and bad days, right ladies? It can just seem easier to cover it all up. But then I thought, that’s just a short term solution! I can’t just will my skin to be bright and clear. I have to take action.

I was looking through Pinterest the other day to find a way to make those bad days fewer and farther between. I wanted a fix that let me rock some tinted moisturizer or CC cream instead of heavy duty foundation. Basically, any way to kick the habit.

Voila! I came across this fantastic DIY featuring a bunch of different recipes for all your skin woes.

AND, you can find all the ingredients in your kitchen. They didn’t name it the “4 Lazy-Girl Face Masks” for nothing! They’re all natural, and my complexion already feels more glowy.


Let’s face it, Happy Gracers, it’s hard for that natural beauty of ours to shine through if we’re piling on layers of makeup to cover things up. Let this fun Pinterest pin be a way us to get the skin we all want, so our true selves can shine through. After all, makeup should be about having fun, not covering things up.

But not so fast! Before you go off to mix your new DIY face mask, check out my latest challenge. I call it the “You Glow, Girl” challenge:

Monday: Exfoliate with recipe 4
Wednesday: Repair with recipe 2
Friday: Brighten with recipe 3
Sunday: Soothe with recipe 1

Here's to mastering a skincare routine this week that helps YOU shine through!

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