How To Throw Your Next Party

Raise your hand if you love Tory Burch.

Ok, now that all our hands are raised, I want to share this amazing how-to I found while paging through the latest issue of Glamour:

Throwing a party? Tory Burch has you covered.

Who wouldn’t want to throw a party like Tory Burch? If you love her chic style as much as I do, than you’re going to die at how easy her party-planning tips are. She even admits that she’s not a big foodie, and likes to keep her menu simple. That’s my kind of party!


So, in light of this wonderful advice from Tory herself, I have a challenge for you ladies. It’s time to put on your party planning hat and gather your favorite people for a little (or big) get-together.

After you give the Glamour article a read, you’ll be ready and inspired to accept, I promise.

  1. Create an out-of-the-box guest list. Mix work friends with family members. Be like Tory and embrace age gaps!
  2. Create a brand new playlist. Give your tired Spotify list a break and make a mix that no one will see coming, but can’t resist grooving to!
  3. Design an avant-garde center piece for the table. You don’t have to ditch your favorite flowers completely, but keep those for other places in the room. Time to get creative! (Hint: see the pin below).
  4. Simple food, intricate presentation. Break out your favorite glassware and serving platters, and save time with simple, delicious crowd-pleasers.



If you’re anything like me, you feel confident, beautiful and straight up loved when you gather friends and family to your home for any kind of event. That’s why I had to challenge you all to think differently with your next shindig!

Who’s ready to party like Tory Burch? Don’t forget your flats.

Here’s to dancing the night away!

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