How To Feel More Beautiful on The Inside

Sometimes, we all need a refresher course when it comes to beauty. Too much of our time can be spent fixing the outside, while we leave our inside on the back burner.

And, since our insides are reflected on the outside, it doesn’t matter how much foundation or beauty products we put on to cover it up. The state of our insides will always shine through.

So, here’s my challenge for you, ladies. Below is your inner beauty to-do list; a week full of personal development goals for you to reach. Spend each day doing one thing to help you feel more calm and centered.

MONDAY: Wake up one hour earlier.

Stop the morning rush. Give yourself time to stop and smell the coffee before the craziness of the day begins.

TUESDAY: Start a journal.

Sick of a million thoughts running through your brain? Get them out on paper. Literally clear your mind and get your sanity back.


WEDNESDAY: Start a new book.

Break into that stack of unread books on your nightstand. Give Netflix a break and opt for a page-turner instead.

THURSDAY: Go to bed one hour earlier.

Get your eight hours in. You’ll thank yourself in the morning AND have more energy to kick off your weekend!

FRIDAY: Take a walk at lunch time.

Get some air. Give your brain a rest and get some exercise to break up your day. Repeat to yourself: Saturday is right around the corner!

SATURDAY: Meditate twice.

It’s your day off! Take time to meditate for 10 minutes two times today. Play some calming music on your headphones or keep it silent; whatever floats your boat and feels right.

SUNDAY: Brunch solo.

Take yourself out to Sunday brunch. Refuse the stigma of going to a restaurant alone. See for yourself what great company you can be!


Will you accept my inner beauty challenge? If you want to keep the momentum going, get even more ideas for life balance from Yogi Approved to sprinkle in throughout your week. Before long, you won’t be able to cover the beauty shining through!

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