How To Change Your Perception of Beauty

It seems like since the dawn of social media there was a shift in how we see and interact with celebrities, and it’s impacted our personal development goals significantly. In many ways, it was a much simpler time before the days of Instagram and selfies.

Since social media first rocked our world, it’s been easier than ever to see that our favorite celebrities are “just like us”, from family life to beauty supplies… but are they really?

According to this particular article I found, "Prior to computers, magazines and cinema were the sole outlets influencing your perception of beauty… They were role models—adored, but not copied, because it was understood that they lived a life far different from the average person.”

Now, when we see Reese Witherspoon going to the grocery store with flawless skin and a perfectly “thrown together” casual outfit, we wonder why we can’t do that too? It seems so easy! It’s right here in my Instagram feed, between pictures of my friends’ cats! The pressure.


Check out this article, from the amazing, that explains how “the deck has been stacked against the modern woman” when it comes to beauty standards and social media: Your Perception of Beauty in the Digital Age

In the meantime, I have a couple ways for you to feel beautiful adapted from the article above especially for the Happy Grace lifestyle:

  1. List 3 things about yourself that are beautiful. Here’s the hitch: they can’t be physical. Name qualities that make you the unique, special and real person you are. Use this list to remind yourself that beauty isn’t one-dimensional or skin deep.
  2. Fall in love with your beauty routine! Whether it’s going full glam with your favorite beauty supplies, or simply wearing sunscreen, do what makes YOU feel happiest and most energized. When it comes to putting yourself together in the morning, the only person’s opinion that matters is....yours!

I’m done with the compare and despair. With, all due respect, (and pardon my French), "eff your beauty standards." I’m me, I’m perfectly imperfect and I love it!

Here’s to the real, beautiful you...

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