Why Gracious Living Is The Key To Happiness

I had to share this inspiring concept with you. It’s a new year, and I’m still in resolution mode, so this really hit close to home. So, if YOUR resolution is to be happier, then listen up.

Have you ever heard of gracious living? It’s this crazy idea that making a conscious effort to be grateful in life is the secret to happiness.

Not losing 10 pounds; but being grateful you have time to go to that yoga class every week with your bestie. Not making more money; but taking a second to think about how fortunate you are right now to pay your rent, your bills and your bar tab every month (and likely still have a little left over). I know, this sounds pretty obvious, right? But it looks like actually saying that you’re grateful for your awesome life makes it that much more awesome.


According to Time Magazine, “Remembering to be grateful is a form of emotional intelligence.” Also, there is actual research that suggests getting five hugs a day increases your happiness exponentially. Evidence from actual neurosciences. How beautiful is that?

So, here’s my challenge for all you Happy Gracers: spread the love. Get your five hugs in. Remember to be grateful and tell all the people you’re lucky enough love just how much you love them. Because, guess what? These little efforts become rituals… and you get HAPPY. It’s science, duh.

Come see for yourself: 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy, According to Neuroscience

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