Night Owls: Wake Up A Morning Person

Let’s talk about the “morning person.”

You know the type. She wakes up with a smile, crossing a bunch of things off her to-do list before she even thinks about what she’ll get for lunch.

Actually, scratch that. She probably had lunch planned days ago.


That morning person.

Now, if you’re a night owl, you might shudder at the thought of being at the top of your game before 9am. You live for late nights and multiple coffee runs to get you through the day.

I’m not saying you’re a mess, or that you’re any less productive or successful than your average morning person.

However, in this 9-5 world many of us live in, being a night owl can work against you. You might wake up exhausted and sleepwalk through the morning when you could spend it being super productive.

Sound familiar?

If you wish you could change your ways, start enjoying the morning and seize the day, I have some good news. Becoming a morning person is pretty simple, and all comes down to building small but powerful habits.

It all started when I came across this article from Real Simple entitled 10 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person.

In the interest of keeping it even MORE simple, I broke it down into three small things you can do today to wake up more of a morning person tomorrow.

  • The Power of an Hour

  • In general, try to shave an hour off your night and get to bed earlier. Practice saying “NO” and try not to overbook yourself so you can wind down more successfully.

  • Hair Prep

  • Do your hair the night before. Whether it’s a braid for natural waves or a simple blowout, it will cut your morning routine down significantly so you feel less rushed.

  • (Don’t) Let There Be Light

  • Here’s the trick: always make sure your home does not have the same amount of light at 4pm as it does at 9pm. This means investing in some shades for your windows and soft lighting. It’s all about ambiance!

    PIN IT! 

    Morning people: do you have any of your own tricks for waking up with a smile? Share them with us.

    Now, start building those habits!

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