Dress For Success: Career Fashion Inspiration

Tired of your work wardrobe? It happens. You wake up and look at your closet, only to be uninspired.

Ladies, that’s no way to start the day! Let your work clothes be your armor to get stuff done.

It’s time to shake things up with some serious career fashion inspiration. And where do we go when we need to create a virtual mood board? Pinterest of course!

I did some very important career fashion research and came across some outfits that you can wear when you need to get down to business.

Whether your job demands business formal, casual cool or something in between, I guarantee you’ll find something to inspire you.


Think Chic: Monochromatic. Classic with an edge.

Need versatility? A chic work look can take you from a day of lunch meetings to a night of networking events.


Think Casual: Jeans, flowy tops. Relaxed but fierce.

Sometimes you have to resist the urge to break out the yoga pants. Working from home or in a relaxed atmosphere can be fabulous, too!


Think Feminine: Full skirts and pops of color to brighten your day.

Dress like a man to be successful at work? I don’t think so. Embrace your girly side every once and awhile.


Think Business Formal: Structured dresses and simple accessories.

Business formal does not equal business boring. Embrace the word ‘formal’ and enjoy the excuse to dress up.


While these are certainly fashion forward options, it’s all about finding the armor that makes YOU feel the most powerful.

Whether you’re rocking comfy shoes or 5 inch heels, find the look that makes you excited to succeed.

Now, excuse me while I get back to pinning.

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