How To Say No To What Derails You

NO. Firm, yes. Bad? Not quite.

The word no can often be misconstrued as negative, mean or downright disagreeable.

Let’s put an end to this way of thinking here and now, shall we?

If you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions and it’s stressing you out, I think I might have the solution. Stop saying yes to everything.

I know you want to be positive and flexible. Some of you might want to keep up that “easy breezy” vibe your friends have come to know and love. Others might be trying to do it all and be supermom.


Here’s the thing. Saying yes to everything might be making everybody else’s life easier… but what about YOU? You’re a big part of the equation here, after all.

While taking risks and embracing all life has to offer is key (and always encouraged by yours truly), some things just can not and should not be experienced. I’m talking about the things that derail you and generally make you feel like crap.

Think one-sided friendships, draining colleagues and unhealthy habits.

So, the next time that “friend” asks you for a favor; when a coworker tries to delegate unwelcome work or you’re presented with an opportunity to undo any kind of healthy progress... just stop. Breathe. Say NO.

Come on, ladies. Put yourself first for a change. Don’t you deserve to feel less stressed?

(Hint: the answer is yes.)

Here are three tips for sticking to your guns when these draining situations inevitably come your way.

    1. Don’t give an excuse. You don’t need a sob story for why you can’t add another thing to your to-do list. And definitely don’t make one up. Simply prioritizing your own energy, sanity and happiness is enough.
    2. Don’t bargain. You don’t need to trade your “no” with a “yes”. Remember: YOU are the boss of your time, no one else.
    3. Be firm but fair. Don’t take out past frustrations on the person asking for a favor. No is just a word, not the beginning of an argument! And, let’s be honest, you don’t need the added stress.

Here’s to the power of NO!

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