Naming Your Feelings Makes You Happier

You gotta love science, ladies. I sure do.

I just came across this BRILLIANT article that instantly made me feel lighter. I could feel the stress melt away as I read it.

What was the topic that was so powerful, you may ask?

Here’s the article, from the Huffington Post: The Science Behind Why Naming Our Feelings Makes Us Happier

Naming our feelings. So simple, yet so many of us don’t do it.

How many times have you felt “off” and couldn’t explain why? You know you’re not happy, and it’s taking its toll.

Those unnamed sour feelings have a habit of casting a dark cloud on your whole day.

According to this article, a scientifically proven way to get rid of this gross feeling is so much easier than we think. Just put a name to it!

“It’s often helpful to assign a ‘feeling word’ to the emotion you wish to express. Examples might include feeling: anxious, worried, happy, angry, confused, left out, frustrated, peaceful, determined, relieved, joyous, etc.”

When you’re feeling bad or have an inexplicable pit in your stomach you just can’t shake, you need to sit down and do some thinking.


Are you frustrated at with your friend for constantly putting you down? Are you angry with your significant other for taking you for granted?

I’m not saying the frustration or anger is going to magically disappear just because you named it. It will still be there, but now you know what to do next.

You’re choosing honesty. You’re choosing to take ownership of how you’re feeling instead of projecting, disassociating or taking your feelings out on others.

When you know exactly how you’re feeling and can put a name and face to the emotion, you are better equipped to figure out how to overcome it. Simple as that.


So, I just have one question for you… how are you feeling today?

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