Overcoming A Work Rut

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or have reached your “dream job”, there’s always a chance you might find yourself in a work rut.

You know the feeling; you might not be waking up with dread every morning at the thought of going into the office, but you're not exactly thrilled either.

You're just kind of… Meh.

I think we often just accept this as part of life, but what if I told you that you could wake up next week feeling pumped to get out of bed and get to work?

If you've been in a bit of a work rut lately, then I have some remedies for you in the form of some seriously inspiring TED talks.

You know, those speeches you watch on YouTube that make you feel inspired to take on the world? Those TED talks.

I binge watched these and pulled my favorite bits of advice to help you rediscover the joy in your workday.

Let's see if any of these gems can work for you! I'm trying them myself this week.

Take A “Walking Meeting”

Have a call this week? Take it on the go. Get out of the typical day-to-day. Changing your routine and surroundings can get the creative juices flowing and inspire you in new ways.

Don’t Limit What You Love

It's OK to have more than one passion. It's even OK to have three or four! Be energized by the fact that you can use your experience and knowledge to pivot in an entirely new direction. Is a new career path on the horizon.

Inspire Yourself

Look at inspiration differently. Be inspired by your inner spirit instead of other things or people for a change. Find your creative genius and find new exciting ways to solve problems and kill it at work.

Do you have any proven methods for shaking things up and avoiding a work rut? Please, share with the class.

Here's to an inspiring work week!

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